Website Hosting Recommendations

Website hosting is one of those services that can really vary widely in quality and reliability. Since I started building website in the mid 1990’s, I’ve experienced a wide range of web hosting companies – some great, and others not so much.

These days I’m pretty particular on what web hosting I’ll use, and what I’ll recommend to people.

I’ve been hosting my sites at A2 Hosting since 2014, and I’ve been very pleased with them.

  • Website pages load very fast (assuming good optimization with the site itself)
  • Support tickets get answered quickly (within an hour or two, not a day or two)
  • They have a way to reach them by phone if you need to (rare these days)
  • You can host unlimited website on most of their plans, and their control panel is easy to work with
  • They aren’t constantly trying to sell you add-ons like GoDaddy or Bluehost does

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about moving web hosts. If you’d like to get started with A2 Hosting, you can choose a plan below, or go with their Turbo Shared Hosting plan (which I recommend for most situations)

Choose a plan at A2 Hosting (opens new tab)

Or, if you’re looking for more affordable web hosting and don’t need as high of a level of support, I also recommend Dreamhost based on their current reviews and how long they’ve been around (since the 90’s!)

Visit Dreamhost to select a plan (opens new tab)

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