Livestream Services

vmix demo

I work with vMix, a professional-grade livestreaming software with broadcast features. I've found vMix to be more reliable and robust when compared with other livestreaming software like OBS. While it's great OBS is free and open source, I haven't found it reliable enough for professional work. There are situations though where OBS works great as an adjunct to vMix!

I'm passionate about live video switching and can help you coordinate a multi-camera livestream.

I work with vMix and have access to reliable HDMI and SDI input devices and a powerful enough computer to ensure livestreams are delivered with a minimum of dropped frames (assuming a good internet connection!)

Some of the things we can do:

  • Bring in remote guests and mix them with live cameras on set
  • Multi-camera live music performances
  • TED Talk style events with multiple camera angles and live powerpoint/projector feed brought into the stream
  • Options for outputting program feed to a projector and recording a high quality local version simultaneous to the livestream
  • Professional quality audio mixing, bringing in XLR mics and soundboard feeds
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