Sean’s Other Projects

Pure Love Chocolate

I co-founded this sugar-free chocolate brand with my friend Lydia back in 2014 and continue to help operate and grow the business — wearing a number of fun and interesting hats! Available online and in Eugene at Sundance & Capella.

Bon Bon's Nook

My second food business, still in the works! Bon Bon's Nook is a brand of Cassava Tortilla Mix that helps people make grain-free, gluten-free, sugar-free tortillas at home as a better than bread alternative. All you need is some avo/olive oil, water and a tortilla press! Sold at Sundance in Eugene and online. Also now a podcast!

The Elevation Station

A long-term project to create a Eugene-based video network to promote peace through arts and music. In the near future The Elevation Station will be a local TV studio and music venue. Artists, musicians and speakers will be able to stop in to create videos, hold concerts and provide a good old time for all, whether in person or online. If you have a potential venue space for The Elevation Station in South Eugene, please get in touch.

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