Marie Poland
Heartfire Astrology

I am truly grateful to work with Sean for my tech support & empowerment!
Sean is thorough and detailed. In our sessions he has reminded me of projects and tasks I wanted to accomplish and is diligent at taking steps to move projects forward! He has a big picture vision as well as the capacity to take necessary steps with smaller projects. I have felt empowered by him to take steps on my own now ~ with Sean as a computer co-pilot it has helped me to feel capable to move forward within the cyber world! Where I used to avoid, I now step in to figure things out!! Technology is not going away and Sean has helped me allow it to support me and my life instead of feeling like a victim in the matrix.

Joanne Lee
Create Institute

Sean — Starchild Creative Services — is my tech whisperer. He’s been my go to guy for years. I’m launching a new website and online program so we’ve been meeting a lot more recently. Here are a few of the reasons I appreciate him:

  1. His computer-side manner is calm, calming and respectful. I have never been talked down to despite the large gaps in my knowledge of technology.
  2. He is extremely responsive. His online scheduling is convenient and there are ample time slots. I realize this could change as I sing his praises — but I’ll risk it.
  3. His depth and breadth of knowledge are impressive. And he is willing to research or work through those things that aren’t obvious or have changed. He doesn’t get frustrated or want to quit (like me) when things don’t immediately work like they’re supposed to.
  4. He recommends apps and tools that are reliable and affordable (often free). Trying to do the research and make those choices myself would take more time than I have available.
  5. Sean is essentially helping rebuild my website from the ground up, helping establish redundant back up systems, has rescued me when I’ve done disastrous things (like recently deleting my website from the server!) and in general bringing order to what was a chaotic technological situation.
  6. A surprise benefit of working with Sean is that I have learned a lot and have become more confident and self-sufficient handling some ongoing website, email and mailing list tasks.
  7. Sessions with Sean start with my long list of To Dos. Each time, I am amazed at how quickly we move through the tasks — usually in half the time I anticipate. He stays focused and keeps me focused but in a relaxed way. It’s actually fun working with him.

David Michael
Celtic harpist

Sean has been providing graphic design for me for years, starting with delicious, eye-catching concert flyers that were worth every penny spent as they helped to fill concert halls. So it was natural to approach him for web design. First, he designed a site for my World Fusion music ensemble with Grammy-winner, wind player Nancy Rumbel and tabla maestro Benjy Wertheimer (Please see: www.ConfluenceTrio.com ) More recently, Sean designed a comprehensive website for me where all of my many recordings, books and videos may be streamed for free or purchased. (Please see: www.DavidMichaelHarp.com ) Sean is also an ace with a camera and has produced a number of high quality videos for me as well.

Working with Sean is always delightful and his technical understanding of web-based solutions, coupled with his crisp layout designs have helped me move my marketing up a notch. His fees are most reasonable, especially considering his speed and efficiency. His communication is always prompt, friendly and articulate. And he is always there with brilliant suggestions whenever my 70-year old brain gets boggled!

I wholeheartedly recommend his services!

Kirstin Eventyr M.A.
Spiritual counselor,
Creator of Light Blossoms Flower Essence Sprays

My name is Kirstin Eventyr and my website is www.LightBlossoms.com. Sean designed my original Shopify site and recently has done a complete overhaul with excellent results.

I have also received one on one support with my computer from him. Sean is a dream to work with. I look forward to connecting with him because his presence is gentle, stable, friendly and can-do. There is never any drama working with him. His communication skills are excellent and he is consistently responsive and available when I need him. He is also incredibly efficient. I can bring him a page-long list of things I need help with and he can often accomplish it faster than I thought could be possible.

I feel relieved just knowing I have Sean in my corner for anything I might need be it web design or computer assistance.

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