I favor education over advertising & marketing. I realize that at the core, marketing is always happening on some level when you are running a business or offering a paid service. But it’s the approach that’s important. I feel it’s extremely important to respect the intelligence and sovereignty of the person interacting with your business, your content, your website, or your videos. This translates to using the powerful tools of design and video with full integrity.

Your vision first

When I’m doing design or making a video for you, it’s about your vision, in collaboration with my skills and creativity. I’m not one to fall into the common designer’s trap of worrying about creating the next portfolio piece, or feeling as though your project needs to be my artistic vision. It always comes back to a creative collaboration between us. It’s a balance, and I’ve worked with enough people over the years that I can tell quickly whether we’ll be a good fit for working together.

Plan B, just in case

When you start a larger project with me, often a deposit or an upfront payment will be involved. As the work moves forward, we’ll both get a sense of whether collaborating is a good fit. If it turns out it’s not, you’ll be fully refunded for any deposits paid or portions of work that have not been completed. In the case that we are part of the way through a project and some design work or video has been completed, all work files and instructions will be provided in a timely manner so another designer or editor can pick up where I left off. It’s my hope that this is a rare occurrence because we both feel good about going into the project in the first place! However, it’s always good to have a Plan B so nobody is left out in the cold.

That's enough philosophy for now. Where do we go from here?

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