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My Background

I’ve been offering creative and tech services since 1996 when I built my first website for a business. Over the years I’ve seen the internet evolve and change. I've also evolved and changed a good bit myself on personal and spiritual levels. Throughout this time I've been collecting a toolkit of tech skills and creative abilities I now have the honor of sharing with people.

How I started doing this

When I think back, it was by way of curiosity and not being afraid to try things and experiment with software. As a shy kid who was fascinated with video cameras and computers, I found myself drawn to creativity and visual communications at a young age. I would create made up shows that I broadcast to the neighborhood from my front yard, even though my audience was imaginary. I didn’t feel the need for a “real” audience at the time, I suppose! Just the act of using my creativity to produce something from my imagination was enough of a thrill.

Finding myself entering middle school and attempting to navigate that social scene as a highly sensitive person, video and computers drew me into a world where I could project my imagination and create without boundaries. This intense focus on computers took a toll on my social skills, but I got around to developing those later ?

As I entered high school in the mid 90’s, the "world wide web" was just gaining steam and it was an exciting time, full of wonder and possibility. I started learning Photoshop 3.0 and the principles of graphic design through self-study, while becoming fascinated with web pages and how to create them. I would look at the source code behind pages and learn from the patterns I saw.

I went on to start doing paid website work at the age of 16, with more and more clients coming my way after they saw other folks’ websites I had designed. Before I knew it, I had a web design & hosting business (without planning it) that I would carry on as my primary source of income for 17 years until the end of 2012, when—like many others—I was forced to take a big step back and evaluate my life.

Over those previous years I learned so much about the technology behind websites, email and the internet as a whole. As clients needed services like website hosting, database driven custom websites, email and computer support, I tried to provide it all—sometimes successfully and other times not. I was humbled over and over until my ego dissolved into a more manageable size. I continue to be humbled over and over as I refine my abilities with creating concert videos (so many things can go wrong and so many lessons present themselves). Currently I'm working on not making assumptions about anything.

The blessing of this trial by fire is I now have a broad range of experience I can draw on to understand the inner workings of complex situations relating to websites and computers.

While I’m no longer trying to provide web hosting or do it all myself, I continue to offer website design, upgrades and consulting in addition to my video services. I can also help you evaluate and communicate with new team members and contractors for specific website or social media needs.

I’m skilled at helping with many types of unique situations and I’m thankful for the ability to rapidly shift my perspective and understand where people are coming from in a compassionate way.

Well, that's all for the Bio. Where to next?

Setting up fixed cameras at my own wedding
Setting up fixed cameras at my own wedding
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