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Portfolio of Granduer & Whimsy

Websites are wonderful!

Well, they sure don't make 'em like they used to. Many of today's websites can be cold, based on marketing science and slapped together on trendy templates with lots of scrolling. It's enough to make 'ya dizzy! I began designing websites in the mid 1990's and I come from a perspective that favors warmth and simplicity.

Confluence Album
Pure Love Chocolate

Posters sure are fun!

Ah, the importance of a good poster. It sets the vibe for an upcoming event. People see your poster in print or on screen and they have a chance to tune in to how the thing might feel when it happens. It can (sometimes!) make the difference between a "so-so" turnout and a huge success! My poster rates are reasonable and I'm fun to work with — so let's play.

Collectivision Sessions poster thumbnail
David Michael & Christopher of the Wolves house concert poster thumbnail
Peace on Earth Concert poster thumbnail
Yard Sale poster thumbnail

Copywriting Adventures

I really enjoy getting playful with words! But I also know how be "all business" when it's absolutely necessary. Like when you have to sell something and make money. Capitalism. On and on. Life is very, very serious.

Ad for a Yard Sale

Written for a legendary (yes, real) yard sale put on in Port Orchard, WA in that mystical and mysterious year of 2012. The ad copywriting was comissioned by two eccentric cousins named Robin and Trip.

(Possibly) The best yard sale of YOUR LIFE

(Read aloud as if you are recording a voiceover for a car dealership TV ad)

(Sound effects and epic, inspirational music in the background)

We have right here in the midst of Kitsap County Washington, possibly the best yard sale ever. This is a multi-family, whole house, life liquidation.

Friday August 3rd (Starting at 2pm) and Saturday August 4th (starting at 9am)
AND Sunday August 5th!

We have precious heirlooms and precious junk ranging from:

Computer equipment
some tools
Sport Equipment
Garden Supplies
Baseball Cards (lots)
Cassette Tapes (so old school!)
Vinyl records (also so old school!)
Board games
Free Zone with optional donation
Tons and tons of other inanimate objects to make your life complete!

Don't miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime. There will be music. Live harmonica jam if we're feeling it. Dancing if you're feeling it.

(Change to the voice of a gentle, soft spoken art teacher)

Come buy something or just hang out and browse the free zone.

This spectacular yard sale event is taking place about 2 miles down Beach Drive right off Sacco Lane. Look for the painted signs and listen for the music and laughter. Even if you have no money, come, make a friend or two. This yard sale event is about community. Port Orchard (and the world) can be an isolating place. So we're throwing this yard sale event, not so much for the money, but to bring people together as they look through our worldly possessions.

(Change voice back to the person recording the car dealership ad)

Your yard sale staff are Robin and Trip, two cousins united by a common goal: To create the best yard sale experience of YOUR LIFE.

So join us, Friday August 3rd (Starting at 2pm) and Saturday August 4th (starting at 9am) AND Sunday August 5th 8am until sundown for this one in a million yard sale experience.

Video Wonder

Since I was a kid I've been very passionate about videography, video editing and broadcasting. We now live in a golden age for video. It's so incredibly easy to get your video out through many different channels online. Find out more about the video services I offer on the Starchild Video Website below.

Visit for video portfolio